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D5 Control System

The 亚博体育竞技Tigercat D5 control system helps you get the most from your Tigercat harvesting head.The system helps you monitor your harvesting head to ensure maximum productivity.
Screen-cc-flat small

D5 control system touch screen

The D5 control system combines field-proven hardware and bucking control with a 亚博体育竞技Tigercat developed user interface,offering simplicity and intuitive operator navigation.

The user friendly interface allows the operator to see all critical operating data in real time.The system is highly configurable and can be customized to each operator's preferences.

The 亚博体育竞技Tigercat D5 control system is available in three levels of bucking control and reporting:
• 亚博体育竞技Tigercat D5 Prio
• 亚博体育竞技Tigercat D5 Prio PC
• 亚博体育竞技Tigercat D5 Optimization

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